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Energy Tools Class One:

This class offers a doorway to being better able to differentiate your own energy from any energy that is not yours.  It offers to you a meditative self  healing process that includes learning how to work with your energy system  including your energy channels...your chakra system...your aura...your grounding.  The class offers you a chance to learn simple yet life changing tools that can help you to live more authentically from where you are already  enough.  The goal of the class is for you to access spiritual tools that will  help you live more wholly in and from your own information as Essential Self.

Classes are a group learning environment and include both open and closed eye meditations.

Energy Tools Class Two (Healing and Relationship):

Furthering of Spiritual Tools Class One with an emphasis on relationship with others.  Learn to recognize any tendencies to become enmeshed with or to distance from others and a more whole way of showing up with and relating to those you love in and from your own essential energy.  The framework of this class includes learning to give a simple spiritual healing to others. 
Pre-requisite the completion of class one within a 12 month period.

Healing and Wellness for Healers Workshop:

This workshop is geared toward healers and provides instruction and opportunities to learn how to take on less of their patience and client's energy and how to return the energy they do take on, as well as calling their own energy back at the end of a session.  Topics included in this five hour workshop are centering, grounding, aura boundary, separations, calling energy back and running energy channels.  Although this class is designed for healers, the tools that are taught have a self-healing focus and can be a portal to self transformation for anyone interested in authentic presence.


Energy Tools Introduction Workshop:

As authentic beings we all have a unique purpose in the world.  in the course of living many of us have created energy patterns that make authentic living difficult.  This workshop offers a first step in recognizing and healing these energy patterns through learning to Center from who you are as spirit and to Ground that in the present moment.  Grounding and Centering are the most fundamental tools in which we find access to our own transcendent nature.  Through a combination of closed eye meditation and group exercises this two and 1/2 hour class offers a direct experience with these states of being and provides a method of practicing these tools in your daily life.  Centering and grounding in and of themselves...when practiced on a regular basis can give you the power to transform your life.