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Healing and Wellness for Healers
With Jan Olds, LMT, Teacher, Healer
People who serve as healers have a unique opportunity to work closely one-on-one with others.  As a healer, having a well relationship with your energy system is important.  Without this you can end up getting caught up in these close connections by taking on your client's energy or you may find that your energy becomes depleted bit by bit as you work.  This Workshop offers some basic energy tools that can help you to more readily distinguish your energy from your clients' and to be able to make healing separations at the end of a session by calling your energy back from your clients and returning their energy to them.  Topics covered include centering, grounding, aura boundary, separations, calling energy back and running energy channels.
Although this class is geared to healers, the tools that are taught have a self-healing focus and can be a portal to self transformation for anyone interested in authentic presence.

Location:  1104 E Ashton, Salt Lake in Sugarhouse                                                            Pre-Registration is Required        

Contact:  Jan Olds 801-856-1474                                                                                      Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it